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How to Get on the Top of EBay's Search Results

As an eBay seller, one of the greatest challenges that you face is getting your listings seen by eBay buyers. If you take the time to create a professional template, take beautiful pictures, come up with the best title and description but no one sees your listings, what good did all that work do? Here are a few tips to help your listings reach the top.

1. Strive to become an eBay Top Rated Seller

In our blog, The Importance of Being a Top Rated Seller on eBay, we outline how this status helps you to reach the top of search results. EBay has specific algorithms that they use to make sure that if you are a Top Rated Seller, then your listings will show up before others who have not yet achieved that status.

2. Create a search friendly title

In order to create the best title, you need to know who your buyers are and what they will be typing into the search box. Based on this knowledge, utilize as many of the 80 available characters in the title field as you can to capture anyone that may be searching for what you are selling. MotoLister was specifically designed to create a comprehensive title to ensure that whoever is looking for your part should find it.

ebay title

3. Utilize the compatibility charts

When listing powersport parts on eBay motors, it is extremely important to utilize the compatibility charts. When you choose not to use those, you are limiting your search results to those individuals only searching for that one particular part on that one particular vehicle. However, that part could fit multiple vehicles. Unfortunately, creating these compatibility charts in eBay can be extremely time consuming. That's why in MotoLister 5.0, we have added fitment charts based on part numbers! That means that whenever you enter in a part number, if MotoLister has that part number in its extensive database, a fitment chart will generate based on that number and will automatically upload into eBay. No longer do you have to manually create those fitment charts.

EXAMPLE: KTM 78003040033 fits 103 different vehicles!

4. Take good pictures

Be sure to take clear, good quality photos of your items. Buyers like to see more pictures than less, so it won't hurt to take multiple photos.

5. Price competitively

Research your item on eBay to see what others are selling it for. Be sure to price your item competitively based on your findings. MotoLister will allow you to price search within the software and will pull similar listings automatically so that you do not have to manually search within eBay.

6. Make sure your listings are complete

EBay likes to see a complete listing. Be sure that your title, description and item specifics are complete. It also won't hurt to enter in an MPN when listing powersport parts or car parts.

All of these factors play a role in getting your listings to the top. Even though eBay says in their Best Match policies that all factors play an equal role, we have found in our own experience that being a Top Rated Seller is of utmost importance. Therefore, make customer service your priority. Be sure to address any issue immediately and try your best to solve the problem without having to get eBay involved. Also, solicit feedback from everyone who buys from you and contact anyone who gives you negative feedback to try to remedy the complaint. Good luck and happy listing!

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